Saturday, 6 December 2008

Pink Racing Foot Pedals

Transform your dull old pedals with our funky pink Sport Style pedal set!
Kit includes three pedals for brake, clutch and accelerator / gas pedals.
Each pedal also features black rubber grips for added style and safety.
Universal design, can be fitted to any vehicle with metal pedals (when size and space permits).
Aprx sizes: 2 x 60mm x 80mm and 1 x 45mm x 110mm


Colin said...

Do these just cover the original pedals or replace them entirely? I was wondering about the practicality of installing them considering that I intend to buy my girlfriend a full set of girly car stuff for valentines day and installing it rather swiftly in order to surprise her!

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Aleshia Ross said...

Are these pedal covers????