Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Where to buy Pink Car Accessories

Fed up with searching for websites selling pink car accessories only to find they wont ship to where you live?

Well help is at hand!

Cosmic Auto Parts are based in England, and backed by a team of auto accessory experts who have been selling car accessories since 1992!!

They offer a neat range of car accessories and auto styling products, including ofcourse - Girlie Pink Car Accessories - and the best bit ... they will deliver to almost any address world wide for only 4.99 !!

Please note, Pink Car Accessories are now available from - click here...

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Pink Racing Foot Pedals

Transform your dull old pedals with our funky pink Sport Style pedal set!
Kit includes three pedals for brake, clutch and accelerator / gas pedals.
Each pedal also features black rubber grips for added style and safety.
Universal design, can be fitted to any vehicle with metal pedals (when size and space permits).
Aprx sizes: 2 x 60mm x 80mm and 1 x 45mm x 110mm

Pink and Black Steering Wheel Cover

Pink Lady design steering wheel cover.
Suitable for all vehicles equipped with standard sized steering wheels.
Simply stretch over wheel to fit.
Offers comfort, protection and style for your car.

Pink Furry / Fluffy Car Accessories Set

Top selling and best value pink car accessories, girlie styling kit!
No girl racer should be without a pair of furry dice, pink furry steering wheel cover and matching harness pads... and this kit has all three :o)
All you need to 'pink' the interior of your vehicle.
Makes a great gift too!

Pink Car Seat Covers (Flower Design)

Pretty seat covers, featuring the Pink Flower Design.
Includes front seat covers, rear 'bench' style seat cover (in two parts, back and bottom) and head rest covers.
Front seat covers air side airbag compatible.
Rear seat covers featuring facility for using existing 'split rear' function, including 50/50 and 60/40.
Machine washable, soft touch material.
Universal size suitable for all vehicles with appropriate shaped seats.

Pink 12v Lighter

Here's a pink new look for your lighter socket! This smart lighter plug has a crystal set into the top.

Universal size suitable for most standard sized lighter sockets.

Light up in style or just customize your interior. Matches the other crystal design pink car accessories.

Pink Tire Valve Caps

These sexy tire valve caps are clearly pink - AND have a little diamond (not a real one!) for an added touch of class :o)

Simply unscrew your old and dull looking valve caps and replace with your new 'Crystal Caps' for an instant transformation to the outside of your vehicle.

A subtle, inexpensive yet pretty new accessory for any car.

Click here to buy online now!

Pink Gear Shift Knob

A smart new gear shift knob for your manual gear box. This stunning gear knob has a pink base, with black carbon fibre effect grip/top and imitation diamonds set into the very top.

Simple to fit (assuming you can take your old gear knob off) and suitable for both standard and lift reverse style gear shift sticks.